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Anhui CNPC:Giti Tire, a “Reliable Tire”!

Nanjing Bus:GT867, excellent performance!

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As much as we love our tires...
Nothing rewards us more than our customers loving them
All of the innovation, quality, and technology we put into our products becomes real when our customers start using, experiencing, and loving our tires. We are honored to have qualified as a major OE supplier to many renowned vehicle makers globally. Our commitment to meeting the needs of the automobile industry and the excellence in our products and services has won us many industry awards and accolades, including Supplier of the Year by numerous top organizations.

A Selection of Recent Awards and Recognition

CHERY: Outstanding Supplier Award
NISSAN: Outstanding Tire Supplier Award
PROTON: Best Quality Performance Award
JAC: Outstanding Supplier Award for 5 consecutive years, Quality Contribution Award
DONGFENG PEUGOET CITREON: Repeated Outstanding Supplier and Cooperation Awards Award
FOTON: Most Outstanding Supplier Award for 6 consecutive years

Awarded Walmart Hardlines and Automotive Supplier of the Year
WalMart is the largest retailer in the world, and has been a supplier of Giti Tire since 2011. The brand gained significant recognition in early 2016, when Walmart awarded the brand’s product and distribution capabilities with prestigious ‘Automotive Supplier of The Year’ and ‘Hardlines Supplier of The Year’ awards, beating out all other tire brands. With the new factory in the US opening and continued product development, Giti’s successful partnership with WalMart will continue to be an important and valued priority moving forward.

A Top Choice For Truck & Bus Fleets Around the World
Giti Tire has earned a reputation of having top quality truck and bus tires to provide great durability, mileage, and value.

These partnerships over decades have gained the acclaim and dedication of some of the top fleets in regions globally.

You don't have to take our word for it. Click on the PDF below to download 'Giti Stories' - a collection of company stories, photos, letters, and test results demonstrating the value that Giti has brought to great companies in Industrial Operations, Hazardous Materials Transport, Logistics, Food & Beverage, Bus Services, and more.

Giti Stories - TBR Testimonials 2017.pdf

A Long-Lasting Partnership with General Motors
• 6-Time GM Best Supplier Merit Award and Supplier Quality Excellence Awards Winner in recognition of performance in the areas of quality, service, technology and price.

• 2016 Outstanding Environmental Supplier Award from General Motors Shanghai/SAIC

“We are proud to honor Giti Tire as one of the “Best of the Best” GM suppliers. Giti Tire Group achieved the award based on outstanding performance. We appreciate their energy, hard work and dedication to the success of GM.”
-GM Group Vice President

“Giti Tire is the only tire manufacturer supplying to GM Brazil to receive the 2009 GM Supplier of the Year award. We look forward to your support and continued growth with us.”
-GM VP Supply Chain

GitiControl 280 - Wins Best Awards for High Performance
GitiControl 280, a featured product of the GitiControl series, has won numerous high-performance awards from professional media and helped Giti Tire enter the middle and high-end markets. At the same time, GitiTire has extended the control series to meet different driving habits with the creation of GitiControl SUV880, which offers superior control for high-performance SUVs.

Giti Control Series – Awards for High-Performance.pdf

Giti4X4 AT100 Wins Acclaim from Mainstream Media
From urban roads to mountain tops, the Giti4X4 AT100 offers superb stability, traction, and comfort for drivers demanding solid all-terrain performance. Since its launch in March 2012, the Giti4X4 AT100 has generated widespread attention throughout the industry, and has won unanimous commendations from major automotive magazines.

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Guangdong Green Freight Project
This pilot project is led by the Guangdong Transport Committee and has obtained support from all sides, including the GEF, the World Bank, Australia International Development Agency, EPA SmartWay Plan, and Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities. Giti Tire will assist over 500,000 transport companies in Guangdong to further improve their energy utilization by providing the right tires and relevant technical support. This will promote the sustainable development of the industry and create tremendous environmental benefits to society.


Providing Professional Tire Solutions to Nation’s Leading Energy Enterprises
CNPC is China’s largest integrated energy enterprise. Since 2011, Giti Tire has provided nationwide tire solutions to ensure that reliable energy transport is delivered at optimal costs.

In 2012, Sinopec conducted its first consolidated tire procurement tender and formed a professional evaluation team. After a month of performing comprehensive tests, Giti Tire was honored to be chosen as the exclusive nationwide tire solutions provider for all categories: all-steel radial, steel-belted radial, and bias tire.
Nation’s Leading Energy Enterprises.pdf

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