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Giving Back to Local Communities
Embracing Education Through Local Communities
Giti is proud to have programs and partnerships with universities and other other educational programs worldwide. The purpose of these is to drive innovation among creative young minds, as well as to support the communities to help build better futures for youth.

Giti Works Hand in Hand with Tsinghua University to Develop and Cultivate Innovative Talents
Following the capital endowment for the second "President Cup" in 2015, Giti
Group continued to support the third "President Cup" in 2016. A total of 10
teams out of the 134 teams composed of Tsinghua students, alumni and teachers
reached the final after fierce competition in the preliminary round, quarter-final and semi-final. The project involves various cutting-edge areas including cancer precise medication guidance based on 3D micro-structure display technology, intelligence robot selection system, new video capture coding transmission solutions, solar photovoltaic power generation system and artificial intelligence video recognition and search.

South Carolina Students Tackle Environmental Issues in Giti Math and Science Award Program
Giti Tire officials announced the program at the ground breaking ceremony for the company’s passenger and light truck tire plant presently under construction in Chester County. The contest, which required students to create an eco-friendly solution that can be used by the community, started at the beginning of the school year with math and science clubs being formed at 11 participating schools.

From a rotating solar panel to a vertical garden, students created some very innovative environmental solutions in the 1st Giti Math and Science Award Program for the Chester County School District in South Carolina. Three schools – Great Falls High School, Great Falls Middle School and the Chester Park Center of Literacy Through Technology (in the elementary school competition) were awarded first place during an April 6 ceremony in Chester County.

Helping Out the Less Fortunate
Giti Tire also reaches out to help those in need, and is committed to partnerships that drive positive social change. For example, in a partnership with China Disabled Persons’ Federation to benefit impoverished cataract patients, Giti Tire and business partners have donated more than USD $3 million to the organization. As a result, more than 20,000 impoverished cataract patients will have the opportunity to be cured through free vision rehabilitation operations.

"Currently, there are 12.33 million blind and vision-impaired people in China with 56.7%, or 6.99 million individuals, suffering from cataract blindness. Of those suffering from cataract blindness, nearly one million live in poverty. Without positive and effective intervention, blindness and visual impairment will become a more prominent cause of disability by 2020. The “Gift of Love, Gift of Sight” initiative uses surgery to restore the sight of those suffering from cataract blindness and help fight poverty caused by the condition."

The “Gift of Love, Gift of Sight” Program in Full Swing since May 2010

Halfway House Community Rehabilitation Program
Since 2012, Giti Tire has supported the creation of the Halfway House Community Rehabilitation Program (HHCRP) that covers 7 provinces with an aim of developing vocational programs for spinal cord patients in China. By participating in agricultural and rehabilitation projects, patients are able to gain self-sustaining employment opportunities.

Since 2013, HHCRP’s Agricultural and Health Rehabilitation Project has been active for Shanghai spinal cord patients with projects focusing on home grown fruits and vegetables to help with physical therapy at home.

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