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24 Hours Nurburgring Giti Highlights

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Champions in Circuit and Endurance Races Around the World
Giti Motorsports R&D took another big leap forward when the GitiCompete GTR1 super-car racing tire was put through its paces on a Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo and came in 2nd place in the 24 Hours Nürburgring race in May, 2017.

The Nürburgring racing track was established in 1927, and now among the largest and most famous racing venues in the world. Known as the “Green Hell”, the track is 26km, with 177 turns and a vertical drop of 300 meters. Its difficulty level and varied road and weather conditions make it an ideal baseline for vehicle and tire assessment. The Nürburgring 24 Hours endurance race draws more than 200,000 spectators from around the world, and is among the most famous races of its type globally.

This follows Giti's winning performance at the Malaysia 12 Hours Endurance Race, which is one of the most anticipated endurance race events in Asia. In addition to having cars in these races, Giti Tire is proud to sponsor and provide tires for many top racing series in Asia and around the world.

Super Truck Nationals Series - Australia
Giti Tire is proud to be the main sponsor of the 2017 Super Truck Nationals race series in Australia, the company’s first truck and bus tire racing series partnership worldwide. As part of the sponsorship, Giti is prominently branded throughout the event and materials, and the company’s specially-designed GitiCompete Race-Tuned V1 tires are used on all of the vehicles. The tires were tuned for race conditions through extensive development and testing.

The Super Truck Nationals are a major truck racing series in Australia, with a variety of trucks competing in front of large and excited audiences. This year’s season kicked off in July with its debut at Wakefield Park Raceway, and will continue with three more events throughout the year. Giti Tire’s participation gives the opportunity for the company to showcase the strengths of its tires to truck drivers and enthusiasts, as well as further analyze its truck and bus tire racing performance. From the initial driver feedback, the Giti tires performed very well on the wet conditions of the track in their debut, giving confidence to the participating racers.

Success in Asian Racing Series
As the official tire supplier to various high profile Asian racing series this year, Giti Tire continue to strengthen its position as a leading manufacturer of high performance competition tires.

The company supplied its popular GitiCompete GTR1 tires to a variety of racing competitions, include the FRD LMP3 Championship, Asia Formula Renault Series, Clio Cup Series, and Formula Masters Asia series. These events saw rising stars from around the world coming together to compete and gain opportunities for moving up further into super car racing series and beyond.

Giti Tire participated in the debut of the LMP3 (Le Mans Prototype 3) race for the 1st time this year, sporting its tires and logos on the vehicles of all participants, as well as holding associated activities throughout the series. This brand new premiere championship brings together the best drivers, teams and cars to compete over a four-round format that was managed and implemented to the highest international standards. The FRD LMP3 Series offers one of the most attractive championship prize structures in the region, and truly provide a stepping stone to those aspiring to journey towards the renowned 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Meanwhile, the Asia Formula Renault (AFR) is a one-make formula race series, which ran in China and Malaysia this year and included five fast and exciting formula style races from March-September. The series features Giti GTR1 tires and branding on each vehicle and 2017 was Giti Tire’s 4th year of participating in the series.

Giti also participated in the Renault Clio Cup series in Asia for the 4th year, with its race days bringing together more than 20 of the toughest drivers in the region competing fiercely in sub-compact, high powered race cars.

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