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24 Hours Nurburgring Giti Highlights

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Outdoor Races

All Terrains. All Conditions. One Giti.
Giti Tire takes on some of the toughest and most unique outdoor racing conditions, not letting mountains, jungles, deserts, or snow get in the way of achieving success.

At the same time, Giti uses its technology to test environmental friendly engines, and develop new R&D that makes its tires better, more durable, and safer for all of its drivers.

First taking place in 1916, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC)
also known as The Race to the Clouds, is an annual automobile and motorcycle climb to the summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado, USA. The track measures 19.99 km over 156 turns, climbing 1,440 meters. It is annually contested by an average of 130 vehicles from a variety of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and quad classes. The Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb Educational Museum organizes the annual motorsports event.

Taking on the Toughest Off-Road Conditions
The Borneo Safari, held annually in Sabah over the past 26 years, is widely acknowledged as one of the toughest off-road vehicle events in Malaysia. That mission if the race was simple – to prove to sceptics that the Mitsubishi Triton and Giti tires could withstand the extremely rough and difficult conditions. The three mandated must-haves of the drivers comprised of a winch, a snorkel, and a set of GitiCompete Extreme1 4x4 tires.

The Mitsubishi Tritons were driven by six members of the media, five Triton owners, and was led by Malaysia Motorsport Athlete, Leona Chin. All participants and vehicles from Team Mitsubishi Triton earned the respect of the Safari community by making it 400km through the jungle and to the finish line without any change of vehicle parts required throughout the entire journey.

After several gruelling 4x4 adventure days, all nine Tritons came out of the jungle in time for the Borneo Safari closing ceremony on their GitiCompete Extreme1 4x4 tires. This proved once again that while Giti may be most famous for its circuit and street race success in motorsports, there is practically no terrain that that they cannot handle when put to the test.

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