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Employees from
20 different countries
In the UK, USA, Germany, China and Indonesia
Manufacturing Facilities in China and Indonesia
Point of sales
in more than 100 Countries
Innovation and the search for new technologies for the customer's benefit have been at the core of Giti's R&D and the scope of these activities is very wide, from understanding fundamental chemical and physical phenomena, testing of prototypes, all the way to the feasibility analysis of production on an industrial scale.

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Explore Proving Ground

1. Ding Yuan proving ground, China
2. Mira proving ground, UK
3. Mellatrack proving ground, Finland
4. ARTC proving ground, Taiwan

On the test tracks, skilled drivers put tires through the paces to measure handling, stability, comfort, wet handling, noise level, winter performance and more.

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Explore Manufacturing Facilities

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Explore GES

Recognition for it quality products and services from major Global OEM

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Our OEM partners Recognition

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Corporate Citizenship

Conserves about 100 years of carbon emissions from Giti Tire plants.

Funded freshwater, marine and zoonotic diseases to support environmental protection and sustainable development.
Over 8,000 cataract sufferers have accepted free operations and regaining light.

Help spinal cord patients attain hope through restoration operations.
Delivered over 13,000 formal training courses for employees.

Successfully passed OHSAS 18001 Certification for Health and Safety.

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