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Giti Tire Motorsports

Motorsports Proven Giti Tire Technology for Everyday Tires
Giti Tire is growing its share in the premium market segment by providing customers the confidence that their everyday tires are developed from motorsports proven technology. This trust is further reinforced by the fact that a comprehensive range of competition tires for tarmac and forest rallies, ice rally, racing slicks/semi slicks, and 4x4 off-road challenges are already widely recognized by the racing community around the world.

Motorsports often pushes tires to limits that normal tires would never be subjected to in daily driving. It therefore provides design engineers with very valuable and comprehensive information, used in the development of new tread patterns, construction designs, and manufacturing processes. In the end, this makes better and safer tires for all of Giti Tire’s customers.

Download the Giti Experience Motorsports brochure below, or view some exciting videos of the action on the clips to your left!

Giti Motorsports Brochure 2017.pdf

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