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Giti and Team BRIT Provide Opportunities to the Disabled in Fun Cup UK

17 August 2017

Giti and Team BRIT Provide the Disabled Opportunities in Fun Cup UK
Giti Tire is proud to be sponsoring and supplying tires to the Fun Cup UK for the 2nd consecutive year. The 2017 Fun Cup races have already been a large success, and the series will continue through December. Utilizing the GitiCompete GTR2 street/circuit racing tire, this unique race provides an exciting and fun track competition of modified Volkswagen Beetles. What the vehicles lack in size, they make up for in speed, durability, and entertainment.

In addition to sponsoring the Fun Cup series, this year Giti Tire began its partnership with Team BRIT, a charity set up to inspire veterans with disabilities, PTSD, and mental health issues by demonstrating what can be achieved through motorsports. The team is competing in the Fun Cup Championship in its journey towards becoming the first all-disabled team to compete in the world-famous Le Mans endurance race. All of Team BRIT’s drivers are ex or serving military personnel who have suffered serious injuries and are disabled.

Through its partnership with Team BRIT, Giti Tire hopes that it can demonstrate how motorsports can provide inspiration and achievement to everyone, and provide opportunity to disabled veterans who likely never thought racing in a high-profile motorsports competition could be possible.

Brian McDermott, Sales and Marketing Director - Europe for Passenger Car and Light Truck (PCR) and Country Manager - UK for Giti Tire further explained: “Team Brit is one of the hottest and most compelling stories in motor racing, so when the opportunity arose to become their official tire sponsor, we made immediate plans to meet and secure the partnership. We see this as the start of a wonderful friendship whereby we can bring our global motorsport expertise to the table, and as they move into bigger and better events we intend to join them on the journey.”

Team BRIT founder Dave Player said, “We are delighted to have been joined by Giti Tire, as we continue our progress towards the highest levels of motorsport. The GTR2 is the perfect choice of competition tire for the Fun Cup series, and having these provided by Giti as a sign of their support really helps us to stay in the competition and provide our drivers with valuable race time to build their experience and confidence.”

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